Do You Know the Benefits of Tinting Your Windows?

Do You Know the Benefits of Tinting Your Windows?

Being able to see more clearly after calling Tint Tech in Lubbock is one

As well as making your car, residential or commercial property look great, tinting the windows offers numerous other benefits. But instead of trying a weekend DIY tinting job to achieve the privacy and protection you want, rely on the professionals at Tint Tech in Lubbock, TX.

With years of experience, we're the home, business and car window tinting experts to call when you want to:

• See better when driving
• Protect your interior from sunlight
• Gain privacy from neighbors and passing drivers
• Prevent your glass from shattering
• Keep your interior cool

When you want to reap the benefits of quality tinting, call the professionals in Lubbock, TX, at Tint Tech. With both stationary and mobile tinting capabilities, there's no tinting job we can't handle.

Let our experts come to your residential or commercial property and walk you through the tinting process so you can be fully informed of all the benefits of tinting your windows.

In addition to vehicle, residential and commercial window tinting, we also offer paint protection film and car detailing services. Protect your vehicle, home or business in Texas by calling Tint Tech today.


XPEL Prime Color Stable

XPEL Prime is an ideal choice for Color Stable window tint. Blocking 99% of UV rays while giving your car a little bit of an attitude adjustment. XPEL is great match for any car with it's neutral charcoal finish.

  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays
  • Non-metallized = No signal difference
  • Reduces Glare
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • Featuring a black or neutral charcoal color
  • Lifetime Warranty. Provided by XPEL
Starting at:
  • 2 door: $100
  • Full Car: $200
  • SUV: $240
  • Stripping tint 2-front: $150
  • Eyebrow: $60
XPEL Prime Color StableCS 5%CS 20%CS 35%CS 50%
Total Solar Energy Rejected45%42%36%29%
UV Rejection99%99%99%99%
Glare Reduction95%77%62%40%


XPEL Prime XR provides you with superior UV and IR protection without the super dark look. Patented nano-ceramic particle formation blocks 99% of UV rays and up to 80% of Infrared radiation.

  • Ceramic Particle Technology Provides infrared protection.
  • Ceramic particles reduces heat significantly keeping your interior cool.
  • Ceramic particles provides better protection in lighter shades.
  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays.
  • Non-metallized = No signal interference.
  • Reduces Glare.
  • Superior Heat Rejections.
  • Never Turns Purple.
  • Liftetime Warranty. Provided by Xpel

Starting at:

  • 2 door: $150
  • Full Car: $350
  • SUV: $400
  • Stripping tint 2-front: $200
  • Eyebrow: $60
  • Windshield: $150

XPEL XRXR 5%XR 20%XR 35%XR 50%XR 70%
Total Solar Energy Rejected66%64%66%51%48%
Ifrared Rejection84%81%83%85%86%
UV Rejection99%99%99%99%99%
Glare Reduction95%81%65%34%24%