Don’t Forget to Protect Your Coat!

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Coat!

Call Tint Tech for excellent paint protection film

You put money, time and sweat into keeping your vehicle aesthetically pleasing and driving nice. Ensure your paint is protected by putting paint protection film on your car. We have the only Xpel factory certified technician in Lubbock and the skills to ensure your ride is properly covered.

Paint protection film, also called a clear bra, is a clear film made from urethane. This nearly invisible film is only used to shield your car from permanent damage caused by small debris. Paint protection can also be applied to headlights to protect them from damage, scratches, and debris buildup.

At Tint Tech, we work hard to provide superior window tinting, car detailing and paint protection film services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent customer service and keep you fully informed of the tinting or paint protection film process.

Whether you want to protect your car from road debris or your residential or commercial property from the sun, you’ll find the experts you need at Tint Tech in Lubbock, TX.

Paint protection pricing starts at $150. Our paint protection jobs come with the highest warranty in the industry- you are covered for up to 10 years!